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Discover and deepen your acting skills in a fun and encouraging environment!


Interview with Corinna Lenneis in Buenos Aires about Acting & Meditation:


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Upcoming Workshops :


8th february "Theater of internal Voices" Workshop as part of Arno Böhlers Project "Love matters" in Auroville, India


4th of July to 7th of July 2019  Acting and Improvisationworkshop in Velletri , Italy -sold out!

For spaces on the waiting list please write to


The Workshop in India will be held in German, the Workshop in Italy in English



Take a journey into the fascinating world of acting, film and Theater!


If you have ever dreamed of discovering and expanding your acting and improvisations skills in a professional, fun and encouraging enviroment : this workshop is for you!


The aim of all my workshops is to create a space, where people can be relaxed and totally themselves and explore and enhance their individual gifts. And every being has an abundance of those!


Acting skills are and asset for everyone, as they are powerful tools for deeping ones understanding of oneself and human nature in general. Not just in theory, but by experience.

They strenghten communication and presentation skills and give insight into behaviourismns.

They also help for being relaxed, authentic and centered when relating to others.


So whether you are a professionell actor / actress wanting to enhance your craft and searching for great tools and methods, or a starting actress /actor wanting to build a steady foundation, or simply somebody interested in the craft and wanting to try it out here you will learn the best of what I have discovered and created in working and teaching in various countries all over the world.


You will be able to try out various acting exercises and improvisations, create new characters (and find new ones within!)and also learn a warm up routine to use before performances or presentations , which enhances your voice and breathing in daily life.


You will discover new skills, enter new worlds & have a lot of fun!


Impression from Workshop Cape Town 2013
Impression from Workshop Cape Town 2013

1 day or more workshops:


The workshops are a wonderful indroduction into the exciting world of European and American acting training both for newcomers, who want to discover their skills and professionals , who want to expand them.


 In a fun and very relaxed enviroment- you will laugh a lot!- a broad overview about the various ways and subjects actors are trained in (improvisation, voice and breath work, presentation, body work, dance, text analysis, drama theory, group dynamics, energy work, creating a part, realising a small performance etc.) both in theory and practice will be given.


Also basics in voice, breath and bodywork, including a warm-up routine, which can be practiced after the workshop on a daily basis or before performance.

Various methods of how to work on a role in a play, film, TV.

A wide range of exercises from practitioners from all over the world


3. Workshop Facilitator
Corinna Lenneis, who is originally from Vienna, Austria, completed her Bachelors of Arts Degree at the renowned Guildford School of Acting, in short GSA, in England, Europe in 2005. Since, before and during her education she has worked as an actress, director, acting teacher and writer in England (where she works under the artist name "Corinna Lear"), Germany,, India, Nepal, New York and Austria. Performances include “Showcase” at Criterion Theater, Piccadilly Circus, London, the performance of her own play “Survivors” at the Bellairs playhouse, Guildford and “Vernissage” which got performed both in Germany and Austria, and most recently "Die Anderen" which she co-wrote and directed with Mark Vanhommerig in Vienna.
Since 2007 she led a variety of acting workshops for both amateurs and professionals at the WUK in Vienna ( ) and in various countries around the world with great success.

Every year she facilitates an actingcourse at a beautiful lake in Austria.
From 2008 onwards she’s taken a lot of time out to travel around the world, work on her first novel and to teach acting internationally.
She is the founder of the austrian Theatre Ensemble "Theater Horizont" and lives between Rome, Vienna and a lake near Salzburg.


Past workshops:


Workshop in Pune, India :


2 day Workshop with participants from Brazil, NY and, of course,  India.

Amazing cross-cultural experience and a lot of fun

Below a few pictures of the Workshop

"I enjoyed immensely Corinna Manisha Lenneis’s acting workshop. Her teaching style is very unique, fun and productive. She incorporates a deep yet playful approach towards acting.
Her direction is firm, insightful and allows us actors to comfortably tap into a wide range of emotions and most import of all our vulnerable spaces."

Bernardo Carvalho, New York City


Pictures and Info about the Actingworkshop held in Pune March 2010:

A newspaper clipping in the Indian Express about a workshop in Puna
A newspaper clipping in the Indian Express about a workshop in Puna

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