Feedback from international participants



" I had the pleasure to participate in an acting workshop led by Corinna Lenneis .

Not only I had a great time, but I learned a lot about myself andf others. It was an adventure of self discovery"


Vikrant Sentis, university professor, psychotherapist, artist and author from Santiago, Chile


"I enjoyed immensely Corinna Manisha Lenneis’s acting workshop. Her teaching style is very unique, fun and productive. She incorporates a deep yet playful approach towards acting.
Her direction is firm, insightful and allows us actors to comfortably tap into a wide range of emotions and most import of all our vulnerable spaces."

Bernardo Carvalho, Photographer, New York City


"I'd like to write something about my experience with Corinna Lenneis ' s workshops in India.
In the first one, I found especially helpful the exercises which she showed us that improved the quality of our speech.
In the second , the exercises in impromptu presentations were well thought out.
Overall, I really enjoyed the classes a lot , and benefited from them.

I went to the U.K. thereafter for a short course in theater, which went smoothly since I had already been introduced to the basic precepts of speech and drama in her workshops.
Most of all, her workshops are great fun, and she is a very sensitive teacher, and a wonderful person."


John Samson, Pune, India