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Corinna Manisha Lenneis



Corinna Lenneis, who is originally from Vienna, Austria, completed her Bachelors of  Arts Degree at the renowned Guildford School of Acting, in short GSA, in England, Europe in 2005. Since, before and during her education she has worked as an actress, director, acting teacher and writer in England (where she works under the artist name "Corinna Lear"), Germany, New York, India, Nepal,  Austria and most recently South Africa.


Performances include “Showcase” at Criterion Theater, Piccadilly Circus, London, the performance of her own play “Survivors” at the Bellairs playhouse, Guildford and “Vernissage” which got performed both in Germany and Austria, and amongst many other plays "Die Anderen" which she co-wrote and directed with Mark Vanhommerig in Vienna and "Zwischen den Zeilen" with her ensemble "Theater Horizont" at the Spittelberg Theater Vienna.


Since 2007 she is leading acting and creativity workshops for both amateurs and professionals at the WUK in Vienna (www.wuk.at ) and at the beautiful lake "Wolfgangsee" (www.wolfgangsee.at )with great success.

Since 2010 she facilitates workshops in Presentation techniques for the European Culture Contact Point . http://www.ccp-austria.at/view.php?id=364


In August 2013 she trained to be a facilitator/joker for "Theater of Living" (Forum Theater) with David Diamond in Vancouver.



Since 2008  she’s taken about  6 1/2 years time to travel around the world, write plays and prose and to teach acting internationally.


She is the founder of the Forum Theater Ensemble "Theater Horizont"


Corinna Lenneis lives in Rome.


Interview with Corinna Lenneis in Buenos Aires, Argentinia:

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* Born on the 10th of march 1979 in Vienna, Austria



Education for Acting, Directing, Writing & Forum Theater (Theater for Living)


2002-2005 Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Acting at "Guilford School Of Acting" , UK, http://gsauk.org/


2001-2002 One Year Diploma of Higher Education in Acting at "East 15 Acting School", London, http://www.east15.ac.uk/


2010-2012 Directing lessons and workshops with Markus Kupferblum


2011 Acting for the Camera with Jerry Coyle


2007 Creative Writing Courses with Gustav Ernst and Robert Schindel in Austria


2013 Theater for Living (Forum Theater ) Level 1 & 2 (Jokering & Facilitating) with David Diamond in Vancouver, Canada, http://www.headlinestheatre.com/trainings.htm




Education in Reiki, Tantra and Meditation facilitating


2010-2011 Reiki Level 1 & 2 with Nathalie Matos at the Harmonic Healing Center, Goa http://www.harmonicingoa.com/


2011 Primal Healing and Tantra Energy with Puja Lepp and Niket Eldar


2009 Osho Meditation facilitating at Osho Varazze, Italy





Die Anderen, Theater Fleischerei, Vienna


Survivors, The Bellairs Playhouse , Guildford


WIR BRENNEN: AUS!, Theater im Werkraum, Vienna


Heraus-forderung Mensch -sein, Rampenlicht Theater , Vienna


Ein Mittsommernachts Albtraum , Rampenlicht Theater , Vienna


"Der listige Herr Odysserl" , Theaterei , Neulengbach


"Prometheus goes Pink Floyd", Cinema Paradiso, St. Pölten & weitere Spielorte in Österreich


"Berühr mich! Berühr mich nicht! Der Mensch im System & das System im Mensch"

Rampenlicht Theater , Vienna


"Zwischen den Zeilen" , Forumtheater Vernetzungstreffen Linz


"Zwischen den Zeilen" , Theater am Spittelberg, Wien


"Spiegel im Spiegel", Rampenlicht Theater, Wien


"Männervernichtungsgeschichten" von Uli Bree, Theaterei, Neulengbach near Vienna


"Geh weg, damit ich glücklich sein kann"  Wiener Rathaus, Wien


"So, wie ich bin"  Rampenlicht Theater, Wien



Performance of plays written or developed by Corinna Lenneis:



Die Anderen, Theater Fleischerei, Vienna


Survivors, The Bellairs Playhouse , Guildford


WIR BRENNEN: AUS! (together with "Theater Horizont"), Vienna


Heraus-forderung Mensch -sein, Rampenlicht Theater , Vienna


Berühr mich! Berühr mich nicht! Der Mensch im System & das System im Mensch, Vienna


Zwischen den Zeilen (with Theater Horizont) Linz & Vienna


Spiegel im Spiegel, Rampenlicht Theater, Vienna


"Geh weg, damit ich glücklich sein kann"  Wiener Rathaus, Wien


"So, wie ich bin"  Rampenlicht Theater, Wien



Plays by Corinna Lenneis



Survivors 2005


Die Anderen 2010


Sinn-haft-los 2012


The colour of heaven and hell (screenpaly) 2012


WIR BRENNEN: AUS! 2014 (together with "Theater Horizont")


Heraus-forderung Mensch-sein 2014


Berühr mich! Berühr mich nicht! 2015


Zwischen den Zeilen 2015


Spiegel im Spiegel 2016


"Geh weg, damit ich glücklich sein kann"  2017


"So, wie ich bin"  2017





„A poplar, a porcelain cow and sleeping with a stranger“ in Driesch, Issue 5 / 2011, Theme "Crazy"




"Navigating through Chaos" -Handbook for "Kulturprojektantragsteller" by the European Culture Contact Point about Prasentation Techniques




Newspaper article about my workshops in India: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/real-fantasy/898800


Poem on „All About India“: http://www.all-about-india.com/untitled-by-corinna-manishaimani-lenneis.html






2007-2013 Actingworkshops at the WUK ( www.wuk.at) in Vienna, Austria


2008 Acting Teaching at Kopan Monastry, Nepal


2008 Acting Teaching at Fior dir Loto School, Pushkar, India, www.fiordilotoindia.org


2008, Acting Teaching at Ganaheda Gypsy Camp, Pushkar, India


2010 & 2011 Actingworkshops at „Artspace“ in Puna , India


2011 & 2012 Actingweeks at lake „Wolfgangsee“ . Austria


2011 Workshop „Presentation Techniques“ for the European Culture Contact Point


2009-2012 „The Inner Artist“ Creativity Workshops together with Mario Mrazek & Christina Regorosa


2009-2012 Osho Meditation facilitator (Meditationdays and evenings) in various countries


2010-2012 Workshops for Presentation Techniques in Vienna


2010 - .2012 Improvisationevenings (amongst others fort he Impro Group „talkin“ in Vienna)


2012 „Lebens Theater „ (Living Theater) with Paul Kloosterman and Julia Fabich


2013 Actingworkshop at the African Dance Theater, Cape Town, South Africa




2014 Acting Workshop at the Novalis Ubuntu, Cape Town, South Africa, http://www.novalis.org.za/




Stage performances (Acting)


Landestheater Regensburg, Germany, Vera, Vernissage, Nike Brettschneider;


Theater Brett, Vera, Vernissage, Nike Brettschneider


The Bellairs Playhouse, Chiara, SURVIVORS, Corinna Lenneis


The Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus, London, SHOWCASE, Peter Thomson


Mill Studio, Anfisa, DREI SCHWESTERN, John Jamiel


Electric Theater, Guildford, Volga, DIE SCHNEEKÖNIGIN, Struent Leslie & Peter Barlow


Mill Studio, Kay, BALM IN GILEAD, Michael Crompton


The Bellairs Playhouse , Mrs. Nichelby, NICHOLAS NICHELBY, John Gardyne


Bellerby Studios, Mrs. Sullen, THE BEAUX STRATAGEMN, Kate Napier


Bellerby Studios, Nina, DIE MÖWE, Peter Thomson


Bellerby Studios, Countess, ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL, Pete Harris


Babette Biedermann, DIE BRANDSTIFTER, Ziggy Lindsal


Corinna Stroller, THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES, David Robson


Pygmalion Theater, Wien, Agnes, AB.ORT, Geirun Tino


Pygmalion Theater,Wien, Tituba, HEXENJAGD, Christian Ioan






Readings & Radio


Reader for „Musiccultura“, Klosterneuburg, Austria


Interview with Radio Orange http://cba.fro.at/9013


Readings with „Freie Wiener Schriftstellergruppe“ a writers group in Vienna, founded by Corinna Lenneis, amongst others:




„Wandlungen“ together with Julia Kloess




Reading of „Sinnhaftlos“ at the Krilit „Kritische Literaturmesse“ in Vienna with Claus Goldschmidt

Review for Reading at the KriLit
Dreisch Feedback Krilit.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 132.8 KB

Cinema/ TV


„Wild Rebell“, Director: Wolf Morrisson


„Auf Lily’s Spuren“ , Director: Peter Evers


Somat Advert, Eastern Europe


Acting fort he Camera with Sheela Allen 2004-2005


Acting for the Camera with Jerry Coyle 2010




Travelling within the last years:


2008 : 12 months: India, Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, Vietnam, China, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Moorea, USA


2009/2010: 8 months: India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, China, Israel


2010/2011: 4 ½ months: India


2012: 7 months: India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentinia, Uruguay, South Africa


2013: 3 months: Argentinia & Chile, 1 month : Canada, 6 weeks : Ireland and France


2014: 1 month : South Africa, 1 month : Italy and Korfu


2015: South Africa 2 Months, Italy : 2 months, England : 6 weeks


2016 : since february 2016 lives in Rome , Italy


Meditation retreats:


2005 : 2 weeks Buddhist Retreat in Dharamshala, India


2008 : 2 weeks Osho Meditation Center , Puna, India


2 months Osho Meditation Center, Kathmandu , Nepal


2 weeks, Buddhist Retreat, Kopan Monastry, Nepal


2009: 2 months at Osho Varazze Meditation Center, Italy


Vipassana 20 day retreat in India (www.dhamma.org)


2010: 2 months at the Osho Meditation Center , Puna, India


Vipassana 10 day retreat, Hungary


2011: 2 months at Osho Meditation Center , Puna, India


Vipassana 10 day retreat , Kolapur, India


2012: Vipassana 10 day retreat , Worcester, South Africa


2013/2014 Vipassana 10day retreat, Agathareid, Germany


2016 Vipassana 10day retreat, Agathareid, Germany


2017 , Vipassana 10 day retreat near Bologna, Italy 




English, French, Norwegian, German (mother tongue), Italian


Instruments & Singing




Mezzo/ Alto ; Singing lessons with Mario Mrazek




Jazz, Ballett, Belly Dance, Ballroom




Horse riding, Skiing, Diving (PADI Open water), Paragliding, Skydiving, Trekking (Mount Everest basecamp amongst other Himelayan adventures)